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Red, White and Blackpill

Apr 25, 2021

THis has been in the work for a while but it was challenging. A panel of Pikachu, Crowhunter, Dean and Coffee try to discuss the book and its meaning, Only Coffee and Dean had weird issues so it's mainly me and Crow.

Apr 23, 2021

Episode 5 starts with funeral rites, going through the need for funeral rites, community rites versus mystical ones, return to ancestor worship... only to end with a discussion on Townes' carnivore diet and the problem with making bread.

A little later than usual because Pikachu has been busy with the whole "Buying a...

Apr 16, 2021

Pikachu and Pavl once again discussing the Ukraine problem, after Pavl went to visit the frontline.

A look a Ukraine's history, where it is now, and how it's being pushed to war against Russia to satisfy the US warmongers.

Pavl can be found at